Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a set of attributes: strong willpower, consistent self-discipline, self-motivation, self-confidence, persistence, resilience and focus.

Mental toughness is the secret to success.

You are guaranteed to achieve your goals once you become mentally tough.

Your mind determines your results!

Mental Toughness – Flat Stomach Myth

Six-pack Abs Myth

You cannot develop a flat stomach by exclusively doing crunches.

First off, the universal foolproof formula for ripped abs is good nutrition and regular exercise.

Universal does not mean that, this formula applies strictly to every single individual out of the earth’s 7billion strong population. Individuals are born with unique DNAs. Different people have different DNAs.

When I was in the army, some of my buddies had to train every single day; lest, they risked failing the physical aptitude tests. Other guys remained as fit as Olympians; even though, they never did any extra push-up, run, squat, pull-up or crunch. They exercised only during official training hours and not a single minute more.

Genetics! Genetics! Genetics!

Your genetics determine the level of effort and commitment needed to get a flat stomach.

Some guys do not crunch at all. They do less than an hour of cardio thrice a week and turn out with abs, ripped like chocolate bars.

Some guys swallow dangerously huge helpings of junk food all day. You’d think they would bloat beyond Michael Moore’s dimensions. Yet, their abs are rock-hard.

Some guys do 500crunches for 6days per week. But have no impressive abs to show for it.

 photo MohammedAli_zps7aa12fb4.jpg
Take a good look at Mohammed Ali. Is he ripped? In the 1960s, how many people do you suppose were as fit as the Great Mohammed Ali?

Mohammed Ali used to do more crunches than anyone could care to count. Yet, he is not ripped, but the badass’ punch sure had a bang.

Individuals have different genetics; hence different body types.

Some people do a few crunches and get abs so ripped they could deflect arrows.

Forget the myth that crunches alone cannot develop ripped abs. It depends on your genetic make-up!

Mental Toughness – Get a loaf of Cutting-edge Motivation